Highly Effective Degreaser

(Product No.: ABP-R)
The product is widely used in the surface decontamination treatment of aluminum materials. It can fast remove the oil contamination and spontaneous oxide membrane on the aluminum material surface, and it is especially suitable for the degreasing treatment of aluminum anode oxidation and coating pretreatment.

1. Chemical property
Acidic, yellow liquid, lightly corrosive.

2. Technical Parameters
2.1Operation Index Parameters:
Operation index: 80-120
Temperature: normal temperature
Treatment time: 3-8min (depending on the oil contamination degree of workpiece)
2.2 Trough Setting Parameters:
ABP-R: 5-8%
Remaining Quantity: Tap water

3. Maintenance of Trough Solution
3.1 The trough solution should be controlled and replenished according to the technical parameter index. For each production batch, the trough solution should be adjusted at least twice according to the test result to ensure the decontamination effect.
3.2 For newly prepared trough solution, the treatment time can be shortened accordingly. If the trough solution has been used for a long time, or the treatment quantity is large, the bottom solution can be discharged, and the trough solution should be adjusted to meet the criterion of the above technical parameters by replenishing components.

4. Process and Consumption Index
4.1 Process:
Anode oxidation: degreasing water-washing water washing acid or alkali corrosion water-washing water-washing anode oxidation
Coating pretreatment: degreasing water-washing water washing (alkali corrosion water-washing water-washing neutralization water-washing) chromate treatment water-washing water-washing dry (the process in the parentheses can be omitted)
4.2 Consumption Index
Consumption index is determined according to the thickness and surface oil contamination degree of aluminum workpiece. Generally, when the average thickness of aluminum materials is more than 1mm, the consumption is 3-4kg (it is also the consumption parameter for one ton of aluminum materials with an exterior surface of 430m2.

5. Note
The highly effective degreaser is prepared by combining surface activating reagent (from foreign country) with mineral acid compound (from foreign country). As its decontamination effect is brilliant, it has been employed in tens of manufactories in the country. The product has been improved to meets the high criterion of coating pretreatment. To keep a sound operation, the following criteria should be met:
5.1 While preparing the trough, tap water or deionized water should be used. If the groundwater is used instead, take care that the contents of Mg2+ and Ca2+ in the groundwater should not be too high.
5.2 If the product is used in the coating pretreatment, the workpiece should be treated by secondary water-washing before chromate treatment. Users without secondary water-washing device can spray water to wash the workpiece in the same water-washing trough.
5.3 As the components contain surface activating reagent, foams (especially for the newly prepared trough solution) will appear during the process. Immersion in the water trough for one minute can reduce the foams.
5.4 If the oil contamination on the aluminum workpiece surface is too heavy to remove, the immersion time can be lengthened.

6. Environment Protection
Generally, like other general waste water, the sewage can be treated with environment protection facilities.

7. Analysis Method
Determination of operation points: Add 20ml of operation trough solution to a 250ml conical flask, and add 50ml of water, then add 2-3 drops of 1% phenolphthalein as indicator, and then titrate the solution with 0.1N NaOH standard solution till the end point (pink). Record the consumption volume (ml) of NaOH standard solution.
Calculation: operation points of the trough solution=10N NaOH V NaOH


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